This is my works in progress (WIP) page. Here you can see everything that I’m currently working on.  All titles and cover designs are placeholders and may be changed during publication.


Genre: Dystopian / Science-fiction / New Adult

Format: Novel

Series: Trilogy (maybe)

Release Date Goal: TBD

The idea for Retaliation (sometimes I refer to it as Restitution) sparked back in 2012. I wrote the first draft during 2012 NaNoWriMo as a steampunk novella (it is no longer a steampunk or a novella). I had no idea that I would completely redraft it (FROM SCRATCH) eight times…

During those eight drafts, I noticed that a number of plot points kept cropping up and decided to make a story out of them. I did my last “from scratch” redraft using those plot points and outlined the entire series. I vowed that self-doubt would not force me completely redraft my novel again and went to work. Now, Retaliation is a gritty science fiction story centered on redemption and forgiveness.



Genre: Sword and Sorcery / Fantasy

Format: Comic

Series: Five comic series (maybe)

Release Date Goal: TBD

Ruin is a comic that I’m writing in collaboration with other creative folks.  It’s currently in its editing phrase. In addition to this, I’m also drafting the  other four books in the series to make publication easier.

UPDATE: Ruin just came back from alpha readers. I’m currently working through some annoying technical errors…


Dark Below

Genre: Fantasy (maybe) / Thriller / YA / Horror (maybe)

Format: Novella

Series: Standalone

Release Date Goal: TBD

I had a freaky nightmare and decided to write a story that’s loosely based off of it. Dark Below is a YA fantasy novella about two siblings who get separated in an ominous  place.

I started this novella during 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo . It was known as Lantern back then. I finished the first draft during Camp NaNo and am now straightening out a few kinks. My plan is to start the second draft sometime this year (hopefully during NaNoWriMo!).