On My Writing

Q.1: When are your book(s) coming out?

I don’t have an official release date, but you can stay up to date with my WIPs here. There are also meters on the right hand side of this page that show you the progress of my WIPs.

Q.2: What are your books about? What are their genres? 

One is a sci-fi and the other is a fantasy. I talk more about them in my WIP section here.


On Book Reviews

Q.1: Do you review books?

Yes I do! I love reading and sharing awesome stories with others.

Q.2: What books do you usually read?

Science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. I like compelling, conflicted, characters and well crafted plots.

Q.3: How do you rate them?

The books that I finish tend to be books that I like. I usually discuss why I liked the book and what the book was about or, if its a nonfiction book, what sort of information was in it. I’ll also highlight my favorite parts. With that said,  I don’t have a rating system since I like them all.

Q.4: I think you’d like my book! Can you give me a honest review on your blog, amazon, and goodreads?

Unfortunately, I’m not accepting book review submissions at the moment. Sorry.

If you learned something during your writing or publishing process and would like to share it, check out the “On Guest Posting” section below.

Q.5: I know a good book that I think you’d like. Can I suggest that you read it?

Sure, fire away.


On Guest Posts

Q.1: You say that you allow guest posts, but I can’t find any guidelines. What’s the deal?

You can find the guidelines here.

Q.2: Do I get paid for posting on your blog?


Q.3: Do I have to pay to post on your blog?


Q.4: What’s an ideal guest post for Inky Tavern?

Something about writing, writer’s life, reading, or blogging. Go here for more information.



Q.1 Do you have a subscription list I can join?

Working on it. Promise.

Q.2: Can you read my unfinished manuscript?

Nope. Sorry. Writer-to-writer, it’s just too risky.

Q.3: I have a business inquiry for you. Can we get in touch?

Yep. Use this form.

Q.4: I couldn’t find the answer to my question here. Where do I go?

You can tell me all about here.