Whenever nine-year-old-me told adults that I wanted to be a writer, they exchanged looks with the person beside them. “A writer? But, they’re always starving!”

Good thing I had supportive parents.

I wrote my first fictional piece the week mom punished me for not taking my writing seriously (I brought home a D in first grade). In seventh grade, I penned my first fantasy novella based on an idea dad gave me.

This may or may not be the only selfie I own.

I hogged my parents business computers throughout my childhood to pen novels, hiding the spicier ones in notebooks crammed under my bed (until, you know, they were found). My parents eventually weaned me off their computers with a hand-me-down laptop and I took off from there.

I decided to take writing seriously during my first year in college. That’s when I created this beauty: Inky Tavern.

Inky Tavern is my way of showcasing my fiction and cataloging my journey to becoming a professional author. It’s where I connect with those who like reading and/or writing as much as I do. Other minor topics are introduced here or there, but writing is the backbone of this blog.

The best way to get to know me is to check out the things that I do.

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