The Gist

I’m Desiree S. Brown and I’m an aspiring author who writes…well, pretty much anything (why authors limit themselves to a genre or format is beyond me). I’m a full-time English major, reader, gamer, moviegoer, blogger, and occasional weirdo.

My slice of cyberspace

I was sitting in my history class watching a documentary on the Civil War when I thought, “I’m starting a blog.”

This is my virtual home as a creative. A place where I can share my passions in reading, writing, and other creative activities that I enjoy. It’s where I connect with those who are interested in the same things I am. I’m on a personal quest of self-discovery, but if I can inspire someone along the way, that’s cool too.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

Earnest Hemmingway, The Wild Years

I usually discuss writing topics (because writing is life), but I’m no “expert.” I just talk about things I’ve personally experienced, researched, or studied.

I’m also a proud book nerd so you’ll occasionally see me gushing about an awesome novel I recently finished.

As I grow, so will this blog. Topics may change or new topics may be introduced in the future!


The Boring Stuff

I would rather pull my teeth out than read something, let alone write anything during elementary! My grades suffered because of this and my teacher threatened to flunk me if I didn’t improve.

Mom wasn’t too happy about that.

She forced me to read the bible and then write essays about what I read for three weeks. That’s three weeks with no television, Barbie dolls, or Hot Wheelz (yep, I had Hot Wheelz). I needed some form of entertainment so I decided to write a short story out of sheer boredom. I didn’t know what to expect and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. So, I picked up a new hobby and my grades improved because of it.

A bookworm was born

I wrote a lot after that. I use to jot down stories in my notebooks before I started borrowing my dad’s computer. He got sick of me hogging it so he gave me a hand-me-down Dell laptop.

With writing came a natural fascination for reading. I spent more time in the library than I did on the playground.

As I grew up, I started entering contests. Didn’t win any—but I entered them. I joined creative writing clubs and dabbled in journalism for a bit.

I’m still a word nerd

When I graduated high school, I went to college and majored in English. I figured it was a good idea since I could learn more about writing from the people who made a profession out of it.

That’s where I am right now in my writing journey.

Random Facts

I love reading, but I don’t have a favorite genre. My favorite authors/poets are Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen Crane, Becca Fitzpatric, Michael J Sullivan, and others.

I’m also a gamer. I love shooters, fighters, puzzles, MMORPGs, strategy, and simulation games. Some of my favorites are Sims, SimsCity, Harvestmoon, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Destiny, Titanfaull, and others.

I play violin…poorly.

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